D&G RaaS

D&G RaaS enables your business to easily integrate a recommender system into your website, mobile app, or desktop application. Due to our unique technology, you get a recommender system that is fully tailored to your specific needs, for the price of an off-the-shelf solution. Just integrate a JavaScript snippet into your website and we will do the rest — from indexing your inventory to displaying the recommendations.

The key features include:

  • Domain-independent — suitable for any industry including e-commerce, movies, blogs, social networks, patents, legal documents, real estate websites, digital libraries, and eHealth.
  • Works with any website, mobile app or desktop application
  • Easy integration within minutes with our ready-to-go clients (JavaScript) and REST API
  • Self-learning instance-based micro recommendation technology
  • A plethora of algorithms (content-based filtering, collaborative filtering, most popular, graph-based, deep learning)
  • Dashboard
  • GDPR compliant (hosted in Germany; user opt-in; proxy server)
  • Customizable
  • Automatic A/B Testing
  • Meta-learning
  • Highly Scalable
  • No knowledge needed in RecSys, AI, or ML

D&G Whitelabel

We developed D&G Whitelabel for B2B companies that would like to complement their portfolio with a recommender system to their clients. D&G Whitelabel enables you to operate a recommender-system as-a-service, identical to D&G RaaS but under your own name and at your own domain (e.g.

  • Darwin & Goliath powerful recommender-system as-a-service fully branded under your name
  • All features that D&G RaaS offers
  • Optionally, exclusivity for your industry (for a surcharge, you can use D&G Whitelabel exclusively within your industry).

D&G Local

D&G Local offers you the full power of D&G RaaS hosted on your own infrastructure. D&G Local is particularly suited for companies with highly sensitive data. We offer a broad range of variations regarding D&G Local. This ranges from fully managed solutions on your infrastructure to you managing everything yourself. Contact us for more details.

Find out more about our state-of-the-art recommendations API