No single recommendation algorithm can deliver the perfect recommendations all the time — too different are user’s needs, available information and platforms. Therefore, Darwin & Goliath has developed what we call “Micro-Recommendations”. Our unique AI technology predicts which out of a few dozen recommendation algorithms to use for a given user, item and scenario — every single time recommendations are needed. This “recommender system for recommendation algorithms” ensures that the ideal algorithm is used every single time, and your customers get the best possible recommendations. With our RESTful API and JavaScript clients you can use our technology with the least possible effort.

  • Usable via RESTful API or JavaScript client
  • Integration into your website or application within minutes
  • GDPR compliant
  • No prior knowledge of recommender systems required
  • Recommend your own content, or content from our partners
  • Dozens of recommendation algorithms and variations including content-based filtering, collaborative filtering, most popular, stereotype, and machine learning

About Us

Darwin & Goliath is a ‘meta’ technology provider, with our proprietary ‘micro-optimization’ technology used for generating best-in-class recommendations.

Our Product

Why spend time & money on developing your own recommender system, when you can use our state-of-the-art engine, tailored to your needs?

The Technology

Darwin & Goliath offers a unique and highly adaptable meta-recommendation framework as a recommendations-as-a-service.

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