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Custom Made Recommender Systems - In Minutes

We empower SMEs to give the best possible product recommendations to their customers with the least possible effort. We do so by offering a recommender-system framework as-a-service. This framework applies a unique technology that uses the ideal recommendation algorithm for each individual user and recommendation request.

  • Usable via RESTful API or JavaScript client
  • Integration into your website or application within minutes
  • GDPR compliant
  • No prior knowledge of recommender systems required
  • Recommend your own content, or content from our partners
  • Dozens of recommendation algorithms and variations including content-based filtering, collaborative filtering, most popular, stereotype, and machine learning

About Us

Darwin & Goliath is a ‘meta’ technology provider, with our proprietary ‘micro-optimization’ technology used for generating best-in-class recommendations.

Our Product

Why spend time & money on developing your own recommender system, when you can use our state-of-the-art engine, tailored to your needs?

The Technology

Darwin & Goliath offers a unique and highly adaptable meta-recommendation framework as a recommendations-as-a-service.

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